To make a didgeridoo you need to get

A) make a didgeridoo of PVC pipe, the pipe need to be 6 cm diameter and 120 cm long minimum for a beginner didgeridoo.
B) or if you prefer to make a didgeridoo from an authentic termite hollowed eucalyptus stem, you can order the various “do it yourself kit” and save by preparing it yourself.

The Do it yourself kit  includes:
1)Mallee eucalyptus stem termite hollowed, this stem has been cut in the Goldfield of Western Australia, it has been skinned and cured for at least 6 month.
2)Wax stripes to do the mouthpiece base
3) Block of wax to finished the mouthpiece
4) Instructions sheet

Step 1:
Cut the didgeridoo to length.
The length determine the key, the longer the bore the deeper the sound.
PVC pipe 6 cm to 8cm diameter and minimum 120cm long up to 150cm.
With the eucalyptus stems, you can only guess if the stem will turn to be a deep sound or not. You will adjust to a higher key by cutting few centimeter at the time. Deep sound will be around 150cm long but there is no guaranties.
The key can be checked by using a guitar turner when doing the basic sound, cutting the didgeridoo ends will get a higher pitch.

make_a_didgeridooBeware when cutting, you can always cut more but you can not add back.
Step 2:
Chisel the ends of the didgeridoo,
to open up the base and improve the sound quality. Not Needed with PVC.
Check to see if any wood or debris block the bore?
If yes, you will need to a long pole, introduce the pole inside the bore in and out to remove any particles of wood.
If the didgeridoo is curved you can use a wire to detached those debris left by the termites.

Step 3: Time now to sand the didgeridoo if you want a nice smooth finish
First with 40 grid sand paper
Then using 80 grid sand paper
The more time you will spend at the sanding the better the final result.
Not Needed with PVC.

Step 4: Mouthpiece learn to make the mouth piece.
You will need the wax stripes and the block of wax.
Follow the link for the instructions on How to do a mouthpiece.

Step 5: Time for decoration
Paint a design on painted background or Burnt it on the natural wood, use wood stains or just keep it natural. Use you imagination and have fun!
PVC use paint only

Step 6: Apply glue “Aquadhere” or any other water base wood glue with large bush to seal.
The glue will dry clear, do not worry if creamy color when wet.
Aquadhere is a safe and economic seal but many more are available on the market. Other glue or varnish can be use but what ever you decide to apply as a seal agent, make sure it is safe when you’ll be playing you didgeridoo. Another simple product to use is linseed oil.
Not for PVC

You can also use the seal inside the bore to improve the sound quality.
News paper is placed inside to block one end,
the glue or varnish is pored in the other end and
The didgeridoo is turn to allow the seal to cover the inside surface of the bore.

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