The roaring Brisbane Lions AFL team surpassed expectation

The roaring Brisbane Lions AFL team surpassed expectation


In Focus: Charlie Cameron

CHARLIE Cameron of the Brisbane Lions footy team has quickly developed a reputation for blowing the minds of Brisbane fans with some of his on-field tricks, but Brisbane Lions teammates say his off-field work has also come as a major surprise. At Tuesday’s unveiling of the club’s indigenous jumper, designed by local indigenous artist Elaine Chambers that will be worn in the Sir Doug Nicholls Round against the Kangaroos at the weekend, veteran Allen Christensen revealed something about his new teammate’s personality“You can’t get him to shut up,” he said. “In meetings, and it’s something I didn’t expect out of him. He’s quite harsh on himself and he’ll give direction to other boys if they’re going against the game plan.

“He’s come from a club with a really strong culture in Adelaide that will pick up on things they don’t like“If he sees something he’s done wrong or one of the boys have gone against the game plan, he’ll pick that out, but he’s always the first bloke to give some praise however, Christensen said it was still his on-field deeds that had made the biggest impact at the Lions.

“The big thing with him is his speed, he’s blistering,” he said. “He puts so much pressure even if he’s not getting the ball, his pressure and speed are through the roof. “We’ve lifted our intensity in the last month with our pressure, and probably him and ‘Zorks’ (Dayne Zorko) lead that’’ Cameron has become a crowd favourite in his first season with the Brisbane Lions, kicking 17 goals, and taking a mark of the year contender in the breakthrough win over the Hawks in Round 9.

He said in his early years at Adelaide he was pretty quiet but his voice had grown as he became a more established part of the Crows side. However, he was always the young gun in an attack that included Taylor Walker, Eddie Betts, Josh Jenkins, and Tom LynchNow, even though he is just 24-years-old, he is clearly a senior player in a young Lions forward line.

“Coming from Adelaide and trying to take what I’ve learned from them to this team here, trying to help on-field and off-field as well, I’m enjoying the challenge,’’ he said“I’d like to influence instead of lead, influence other players and help them outI’m not really a natural leader.

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