Aromatherapy – Introduction and Uses of Aroma Stones

Aromatherapy – Introduction and Uses of Aroma Stones

I wanted to talk about a little bit about aromatherapy today and show you that it is an aroma stone. I don’t know whether you’ve used one before or if you’ve heard of it but they’re easily bought these days. What you do you plug them in and they stay at an even temperature so you could leave it anywhere in the house.

It would be safe in a child’s room and you can put a little drop of water in the hollow then some drops of essential oils. If you need a nice smell to lift you up then you would use citrus oil. If you had coughs and colds then you might want to put a drop of tea tree or eucalyptus for instance and so that would be good too. You’d have to keep every couple of hours replenishing it because once the smell goes all the goodness goes as well.

You could also put the aromatherapy essential oils in a bottle of water like the garden spray. If you fill it up with water and put up to 20 drops of oil, you could have a mixture and I would suggest three maximum maybe tea tree particularly this time of year. If you just like the smell of the oils then you can use it as an air freshener and it will freshen up your furniture.

You can also use aromatherapy essential oils to make the house smell nice and you could put some essential oils in a bag with plenty of bicarb and leave it for 24 hours whichever smells you liked and then you could put it around your house on the carpets if you’ve got carpets and then leave it for a little while and Hoover up and you’ve got a lovely smell in the house and so that would work really really well.

You could also put a couple of drops on a cotton pad and put it in your Hoover to get some nice smells around the house, using a piece of kitchen roll and put a couple of drops on it and tuck it behind the radiator and that smell would come out so then you haven’t got any burning candles but you can be a bit dangerous for anybody.

Anyway, I’ll want to keep this short so I I’m going to talk about ones that you that you would know about like tea tree because it’s so powerful and it’s got its well-known for and for good reason because it can be used for so many things but tea tree and lavender which are the two of the most well known they are the only ones that you can put directly on your skin.

The others aromatherapy need to be diluted and I’ll talk to you about dilutions and how to dilute them in another video, but say for a bath you could drop lavender a tea tree in it but the others you can’t just drop it straight in the bath you must mix it with something otherwise it’ll float on top of the water in the bath and you’ll stand up and it will cling to your body and can cause irritation.

So you’d need to mix it with you can mix it with full-fat milk or something like a bath gel something sort of fatty (like an oil) so that it will cling to their fat cells and disperses throughout the bath so just have to be a bit careful because they’re so powerful.

For example lavender if you were using that instance you’d only put one or two drops at night if you wanted it to have sedative qualities and calm you but if you thought you were helping yourself by putting more drops in actually it works to wake you up more – if you put too many in – its amazing isn’t it yeah! so putting lots and lots of drops on your pillow isn’t going to help you – that will actually keep you awake so don’t do that just one drop perhaps dropped on your nightie or one drop on your pajamas or whatever you wear that would work as well.

To keep if you wanted to particularly keep awake for say you were studying then I would recommend rosemary because that really wakes you up and it breaks up your brain keeps you going so you wouldn’t want to use that at night unless you would want you to stay up late and also if someone was epileptic you wouldn’t want to use that if anybody is epileptic then I would get a professional aromatherapist to give you some advice on how to use essential oils because you wouldn’t want to start triggering anything off.

Our next topic would be on the benefits of aromatherapy diffuser jewellery with essential oils and lava beads

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